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5 Simple Steps to Looking Stylish and Put Together Without Layering

Layering is an easy way to look super fab and on point. But in some parts of the world, Winter Is Coming!and many of us don’t want to wear multiple layers under our winter coats. So what do you do when you still want to look stylish and put together but don’t want to feel like the Michelin Man? You follow these 5 simple steps and […]


Video Quick Tip: 3 Things to Know When Layering

Many of my clients love the idea of layering, but don’t feel like they have the knowledge to do it properly. If this sounds like you, click below to watch my latest Video Quick Tip or continue reading for 3 tips to help you on your way.      Tip #1: Vary textures and fabric thicknesses. The layers closest to your body […]


Style Tip Sunday: Cropped Pants

It’s Style Tip Sunday! Today’s tip from my App and Book Style 365, is all about…   CROPPED PANTS: Wearing cropped pants (or capris) can be a bit tricky – they can be extremely flattering or can make your look stumpy. The key to success is choosing the right style, fit and length.   Choose slim-fitting or body-skimming styles that land […]


Holiday Style: To Hose or Not to Hose

It happens every year. Around the same time. Holiday party season arrives, and because I’m a stylist, the emails, texts and phone calls from family, friends and clients start pouring in. No matter how many times we discuss it, the great debate continues – to hose or not to hose. In the winter, that really is the question. It’s interesting […]


Three Words That Will Change the Way You Shop

Ever buy something that you never wear? Or maybe you wear it once only to hate it on? Perhaps you wear it every once in a while only because you feel sorry for it? Answer yes to any of these and you’ve got yourself a bad buy. A bad buy happens for a variety of reasons – all of which […]


The Art of Layering

Sun, rain, sleet and snow. This time of year you never know what you’ll experience when you walk out your front door. With all the unpredictable weather we’ve been having lately, it’s hard to know what to wear to tackle the elements. April’s a tricky month to dress for at best – cool mornings, warm afternoons, rainy days. This April’s […]


To Waist or Not to Waist…

I read a piece in a magazine the other day in which Donatella Versace stated that for a woman, showing off your waist would always be more advantageous than concealing it. As much as I admire Donatella and would love to be able to purchase Versace on a regular basis, I had to disagree.  Some women just look better hiding their […]


Bootie Call

They can be worn any time of the year, but with Fall in full swing, nothing beats a great pair of Booties. With jeans, skirts and everything in between, the right Bootie can take an outfit from drab to fab. Here are some my favorite picks for the season and tips on what to look for when shopping for the […]


10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make Trying to Look Hot

I’m all for looking Hot. In my line of work, looking Hot can usually be attributed to the variety of subtle things a woman does to look attractive to the opposite sex. Very rarely is it the overt and obvious gestures that attracts a man to a woman. Here are the most common mistakes I’ve seen women make in the […]