I’m all for looking Hot. In my line of work, looking Hot can usually be attributed to the variety of subtle things a woman does to look attractive to the opposite sex. Very rarely is it the overt and obvious gestures that attracts a man to a woman.

Here are the most common mistakes I’ve seen women make in the attempt to look sexy. In other words, they’re going for Hot but end up Not.

1. Small, Tight Fitting Clothing

When you wear clothing that is too tight or too small, it looks, well, it just looks really bad. (See why people hire me?)

Clothing that is too tight or too small has a tendency to ride up and/or pull and creates lumps and bumps in places that aren’t the most flattering. The perfect example of this is the muffin top. Sexy? Not so much.

2. Makeup Overload

There’s too much makeup and then there’s too much makeup. But in the end, it’s just too much makeup. (I know. Genius, right?) Let me explain.

There’s too much makeup is too much eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, blush, etc.  Then there’s too much makeup is caked on foundation, powder, cover-up and so on. Either way, too much is just too much. Period.

Unless you’re headed to a porn shoot, scale it back. Too much makeup says, “I’m hiding behind this goop and I’m afraid you’ll see the real me.” It makes you look like you lack confidence and that’s not very sexy.

3. Excessive Self Tanner

Ever see someone with orange skin? Ya. Looks good. On a carrot.

Really. Do I need to say more? OK. How’s this. Looking like a vegetable’s not Hot.

4. VPL’s

Ladies. I have one word for you: thong.

Nothing is less sexy than seeing a woman’s underwear lines through her pants, skirt, etc. Not only is it not sexy, it’s rather distracting – and not in a good way.

5. Too Much Skin

When you show to much skin or wear clothing that is too revealing, you leave little to the imagination. There’s nothing left to fantasize about or envision because you’re giving away the ending.

It also makes you look like you’re trying too hard and trying too hard is a turn-off.

6. Perfume-Mania

This one’s pretty self explanatory. If I can smell you walk into a room, you’re wearing too much perfume. If I hug you and end up smelling like you, you’re wearing too much perfume.

Too much perfume is like an invisible force field – it keeps people away or makes them wish they stayed away. It can also make it difficult to inhale. Having men fall at your feet is a good thing – as long they’re still breathing.

7. Stiff, Crunchy Hair

Unless your hair is short or in some sort of  hairdo, when you or your head moves, you hair should move. Not directly with it – like helmet head – but with its own movement. Think silky, springy or flowing.

Ever watch a romantic scene in a movie where the guy runs his hands through the girl’s hair and gets stuck? No? Nuff said.

8. Being Rude

I’m all for playing a little hard to get. But there’s a fine line between being coy or reserved and being rude. Coy is cute and flirtatious.

Being rude is arrogant and offensive. Not cute and not worth most guys’ time. Definitely not sexy.

9. Potty Mouth

I’ve been known to swear like a trucker, but you’d never know it upon meeting me. I reserve it for my special friends. Why? Because it can definitely turn people off – especially if they don’t know you. This is one of those things that you let people in on slowly.

On the other hand, it might be useful in the bedroom. Just sayin’.

10. Going Natural

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being natural but there’s a fine line between being natural and not maintaining basic hygiene and grooming.

There’s a big difference between not colouring your hair and not washing it; not wearing perfume and not wearing deodorant; not waxing your eyebrows and not waxing your mustache.

Obviously your level of maintenance is an individual choice, but if you want to look Hot, a little personal care, proper grooming and a good razor will go a long way.