Your Style Challenges Tackled! Day 5: Dinner Dates

Not sure what to wear on dinner dates? Well you’re not the only one. Tackling Challenge 5 is a bit tough, because much of it has to do with personal style, comfort levels, where the date is taking place and with whom. (First date with a new person or date 126 with your significant other?) So there’s no one-size-fits-all-answer. That said, […]


Your Style Challenges Tackled! Day 4: Building an Outfit

One of the most common concerns I hear from women is that they don’t know how to create or build an outfit. (Which is why it’s the topic of today’s Challenge!) What they don’t realize is that putting an outfit together is as simple as 1-2-3, or in this case, 1-2-3-4-5. So if you too struggle with building outfits, here […]


Your Style Challenges Tackled! Day 2: Looking Bigger or Smaller

Today’s challenge has to do with appearances. The person who came to me with it, struggles to look bigger/heavier. In tackling this challenge, I could also tackle the struggle to look smaller/thinner. All one would have to do is the opposite.   Challenge 2: Looking Bigger or Smaller   If for some reason you want to look bigger or smaller, here are some tips…   […]


3 Simple Steps to a Fabulous Outfit

The other day I went to visit a client who was struggling to put outfits together. She had all the right pieces in her wardrobe and knew exactly how to combine and style her outfits, but when it came to putting it all together, the overwhelm kicked in and her confidence diminished.  So what do you do when the thought […]


Women in Power – 3 Ways to Dress for Success

I was recently interviewed, and one of the questions that came up had to do with female executives in the boardroom or in top managerial positions. The interviewer was looking for tips on how to choose colour and overall proper attire, to dress for success. If you’re a woman in an executive or leadership role, or striving to be, you […]


5 Simple Steps to Looking Stylish and Put Together Without Layering

Layering is an easy way to look super fab and on point. But in some parts of the world, Winter Is Coming!and many of us don’t want to wear multiple layers under our winter coats. So what do you do when you still want to look stylish and put together but don’t want to feel like the Michelin Man? You follow these 5 simple steps and […]


5 Stylish Ways to Love Yourself

Ah February. The month of love. Red hearts, Valentine’s and Cupid’s little arrow. What better time to love yourself than this? Whether you have a significant other or a loved one to dote upon or not, a little self care and pampering should always be on the menu. We all know that when you take care of yourself first, you’re […]


Dress Your Way to Weight Loss Success

It’s that time of year again. Resolutions are made and goals are written down. Give it a few months though and most will go out the proverbial window. If losing weight is on the top of your resolution list, what if I told you that there was one little thing you could do to help you achieve your goal? What […]