Layering is an easy way to look super fab and on point. But in some parts of the world, Winter Is Coming!and many of us don’t want to wear multiple layers under our winter coats. So what do you do when you still want to look stylish and put together but don’t want to feel like the Michelin Man? You follow these 5 simple steps and know that it’s all about what you wear and how you wear it


1. Start with the Right Base Pieces


When you choose your base pieces (your top and bottom, dress, etc.), make sure to choose cuts and styles that are flattering to your body shape and vertical proportions. If you don’t, your whole outfit might look off. In other words, it’s harder to have anything else you do, look right.


2. Decide How You’re Going to Wear Them


It’s one thing to choose the right base pieces. It’s another to know how to wear them. Will you be folding or pushing up the sleeves? Front tucking the shirt? Rolling the hem of the pants? It’s these little details that add style and flair to an outfit.


3. Complete the Look


What can you add to your base pieces to complete the look?Can you throw on a scarf? Add a necklace (or two or three)? Some earrings? Bracelets? A belt? Some women skip this step but it’s important to add a few finishing touches.


4. Add Your Shoes


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – shoes can make or break an outfit. You could have all the right pieces in place, but if you choose the wrong shoes, they could detract from the whole look. They can also dress an outfit up or dress it down. Decide on what you’re trying to achieve before you bring in the shoes.


5. Hair and Makeup


Some women go through the effort of creating the perfect outfit and then forget the final piece of the puzzle, leaving them feeling like something’s missing – hair and makeup. Now that doesn’t always mean full hair and face. On the contrary – sometimes a natural look is best. Or maybe it’s something in between. The key is to remember that hair and makeup are part of the equation.




let’s go through a few examples
and break them down 


Outfit #1
This first outfit is pretty simple – sweatshirt and leggings. I jazzed it up a bit is pushing up the sleeves and adding my watch and multiple bracelets. I’d be wearing silver sneakers on my feet to complete the look. If I didn’t push up the sleeves or add the bracelets, the outfit would be bland and I wouldn’t be as put together. I could’ve just gone with the sleeves pushed up, but the bracelets add that extra pop of interest and completion.



Outfit #2
Another simple outfit – white top and black pants. But it’s the cuts, styling and accessories that makes it. I chose to fold the sleeves (which raises the eye up) on the shirt, and front tuck it (which elongates the lower body). Pants are cropped so no need to roll. Added my usual watch and bracelets (kinda my thing), a fab bag and some statement shoes to complete the look. The straightened hair keeps the look polished.



Outfit #3
The final outfit – sweater and pants – is also a great example of how simple pieces can be combined and worn in a way that makes an outfit complete. Did the sleeve thing again (which I almost always do); usual watch and bracelets (told you it was my thing); cropped pants again (which I always roll or fold if they’re not). High heeled suede sock boots, my typical straight hair and a bold lip round it out.



So you can see that it doesn’t really take much to look stylish and put together. No need to add layer after layer to complete a look. All it takes is having the right pieces in your closet and a few simple steps.


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