Shopping Tips

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Knee-High Boots

Here in Toronto, we recently got hit with a major arctic blast. Well, ok. It may have just snowed a little and got a bit cold. But it definitely had me pulling out all my boots. And maybe purchasing one (or two) more pairs. Just in case. If you too are on the hunt for another pair of boots and considering purchasing […]


Your Style Challenges Tackled! Day 1: Shortening a Shopping Trip

In case you missed it (or if you’re not on Instagram), last week I sent out a question in my Stories asking for everyone’s biggest Style Challenge.   So I’ve taken the first seven responses, and for the next seven days I’ll be tackling one challenge daily (in chronological order) (cuz it only seems fair).   Challenge 1: Shortening a Shopping Trip   Ok […]


3 Things That’ll Make You Love Shopping Again

I have this uncanny knack for turning self-proclaimed shopping haters into shopping fanatics. Typically in under 4 hours. How? Brainwashing. OK, well, no. Not really. Simply by taking away their frustration, uncertainty and confusion. You see, most of the women that hate shopping and come to me for help, typically do so because they have no clue what they’re doing. […]


Style Tip Sunday: Shopping

It’s Style Tip Sunday! Today’s tip from my App and Book Style 365, is all about…   SHOPPING: If you tend to shop at the same stores regularly but notice that your size sells out quickly, find out which days of the week their shipments typically arrive and how long until the items hit the floor.   For example, if a […]


How to Shop Like You Mean Business

I’m extremely particular (some might say downright fanatical) about having a solid, functional, yet super fabulous wardrobe. Nothing bothers me more than an unorganized closet full of useless, unworn or unflattering pieces. Well, other things might bother me more, but you get the idea. While shopping to create and add to this perfectly curated wardrobe might be a casual pastime […]


3 Ways to Maximize Your Wardrobe and Your Dollar

You might think that because I’m a Personal Stylist, I have a ton of clothes. The truth is that I have one garment rack for hanging and one dresser. That’s it. Being clear on my style, knowing how to put things together and shopping smart keeps my wardrobe super lean. (Although using really thin hangers and stacking clothes in my […]