Many of my clients love the idea of layering, but don’t feel like they have the knowledge to do it properly. If this sounds like you, click below to watch my latest Video Quick Tip or continue reading for 3 tips to help you on your way. 



Tip #1: Vary textures and fabric thicknesses. The layers closest to your body should be the thinnest fabrics and you can increase thickness and bulk the further you move away. If you wear something extremely thick and bulky underneath a thinner, more streamlined or form-fitting garment, it can look odd and like you’re bigger than you truly are.

Tip #2: Vary your lengths. If you’re layering, don’t hide it. Let people see what you’ve got going on. Varying the lengths of the pieces you wear, keeps the eye moving, keeps from chopping you where they stop and adds interest to your outfit.

Tip #3: Always keep your body shape and proportions in mind. Don’t get so carried away layering, that you lose sight of effect it’s having on your overall look.


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