Looking Hot

New Year New You – Skype Special

Who doesn’t love the start of a new year? A time of clean slates, fresh starts, possibilities, hopes and dreams. A time that compels us to want more for ourselves. A time that provides us the opportunity to become the person we truly want to be.   So what better time of year to finally become the hottest, sexiest, best dressed […]


5 Stylish Ways to Love Yourself

Ah February. The month of love. Red hearts, Valentine’s and Cupid’s little arrow. What better time to love yourself than this? Whether you have a significant other or a loved one to dote upon or not, a little self care and pampering should always be on the menu. We all know that when you take care of yourself first, you’re […]


10 Ways to Look Subtly Sexy this Valentine’s Day

Looking overtly sexy is pretty easy. Throw on some tight, skimpy clothes, expose a ton of skin and you’re good to go. Being subtly sexy however, can take a little more thought and effort. This Valentine’s Day, if subtle sexiness is the look you’re going for, here are 10 ways to achieve it…   1. Body Parts The easiest way […]


5 First (or Second, or Third) Date Tips & Looks

A number of my clients are single women that are either active in the dating scene or just getting started. They typically come to me to help them come up with the perfect first (or second, or third) date look. Wanting to steer them in the right direction, I contacted a dating expert to make sure I was giving them […]


How to Transition Your Wardrobe and Look Great Doing It

Depending upon where you live, September can mean the official end of summer. Here in Toronto, days are slowly getting shorter and mornings are often chillier than midday. Cooler weather is definitely around the corner. Knowing what to wear as Fall approaches can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you transition your wardrobe from the end of […]


The Second Step to Looking Great

In case you missed it, or if you’re new to Hot Chicks, in my last post I wrote about The Very First Thing You Need to Do to look great and have killer style. Today I’m covering Step #2. It’ll get you well on your way to knowing what to buy, how to wear it and how to put it all […]


Can You Look Good in Extreme Temps?

You know you’re in trouble when you bump into a client and the first thing out of her mouth is, “Where the hell have you been?!?!” Uh oh. Busted. Yup, I’ve been gone. For a while. Not really gone, gone. Well, part of the time I was. Gone that is. Confused? Me too! I had a good reason to be […]


5 Steps to the Perfect Outfit

One of the most common concerns I hear from my clients is that they don’t know how to create an outfit. They see other women look put together and wish they could do the same. They don’t know what to wear with what, how to accessorize or even where to start and often get so overwhelmed that they give up. […]