Looking overtly sexy is pretty easy. Throw on some tight, skimpy clothes, expose a ton of skin and you’re good to go. Being subtly sexy however, can take a little more thought and effort.

This Valentine’s Day, if subtle sexiness is the look you’re going for, here are 10 ways to achieve it…


1. Body Parts

The easiest way to be subtly sexy is to be just that – subtle. Don’t reveal too much at once. Choose one body part to feature and that’s it. Throw on an off-the shoulder top, put on a backless jumper or show a tiny bit of cleavage. Just not all at once. The key is to leave something to the imagination.


2. Hair

Whether you opt for wearing your hair down naturally, in soft flowing curls or pin straight, whether you choose to wear it back in a sleek pony tail or tousle it to give it that just-got-out-of-bed look, the key is to do something with it. Put in the effort and style your hair in a way that makes you feel sexy.


3. Eyes vs Lips

Choose to play up your eyes or you lips. If the eyes are your focus, try a smoky eye and/or some false lashes to add drama and focus. If you’d rather play up your lips, throw on some red lipstick (in your shade of course) or create the perfect pouty, kissable lip.


4. Heels

Throwing on a pair of heels is one of the easiest ways to turn up the sexy on almost any outfit. The more sleek and strappy the heel, the better. One word of caution – if you can’t handle a high heel, either wear a kitten heel or opt for a different style. Nothing sexy about a woman stumbling around in shoes she can’t walk in.


5. Scent

A great scent can be oh so sexy. The key here is to choose a fragrance that isn’t overpowering and to apply it lightly (where it’s only detected in close proximity). If you walk into a room and heads turn because everyone can smell you, you’ve put on too much.


6. Slits

Slits on a skirt or dress can be extremely sexy – especially in form fitting ones. The best are those that aren’t detectable or don’t slide open until you move, and then expose a little, but not too much, skin.


7. Sheer

Wearing a sheer top or skirt can be subtly sexy as long as there’s some fabric covering all the important parts underneath. A camisole or bustier under a sheer blouse or a shorter opaque fabric under a sheer skirt can keep you from revealing too much. It’s the hint of some skin on the arms or legs that keeps it subtle.


8. Lace

Much like sheer fabrics, but perhaps even more so depending on the pattern, lace needs to be lined with some fabric underneath to keep it from exposing too much skin. Always err on the side of caution – it’s better to reveal a little less.


9. Cutouts

Carefully placed cutouts on clothing can be the perfect way to add a hint of sexiness. Displaying just a tiny bit of skin here and there leaves much to the imagination and can be more alluring than doing the opposite.


10. Confidence

In reality, you could apply any of the above tips and do your best to be subtly sexy, but if you don’t have confidence in yourself, it’s not going to matter. Confidence is super sexy, doesn’t cost a dime, but can also one of the hardest things for some women to achieve.

Whatever you decide to do or wear, or however you decide to look this Valentine’s, make sure that it makes you feel good about yourself, truly confident and is 100% YOU.