Depending upon where you live, September can mean the official end of summer. Here in Toronto, days are slowly getting shorter and mornings are often chillier than midday. Cooler weather is definitely around the corner.

Knowing what to wear as Fall approaches can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you transition your wardrobe from the end of Summer, through Fall and into the early days of Winter (and keep you looking great doing it).


When the weather is warm, we tend to show a bit more skin. Shorts, skirts, shorter sleeves, tanks and open toed shoes keep us cool in the heat. More often than not, one layer of clothing will do and is often preferred.


When the weather starts to turn and the thermometer starts to dip, there’s no need to put all your summer clothes away. Altering your clothing choices slightly can keep you wearing certain warm weather favorites throughout cooler months.

Adding a longer sleeved shirt or blouse to shorts, a skirt or light pants helps keep you warm during the cooler mornings or days. So does choosing a shoe with a bit more coverage.

Throwing on an extra layer such as a cardigan, blazer or light to mid-weight jacket is an option for when one layer just isn’t enough (and it can easily be removed as needed).


When the temperature continues to drop and a longer sleeve or extra layer just won’t do, it’s time to bundle up. Choose thicker fabrics and/or dress in multiple layers – throw a tank or top under a sweater or tights on your legs – anything that’ll keep you warm.

Opt for closed-toe boots or booties to keep your feet warm and dry and throw on a scarf and some gloves to keep you covered. Add a thick coat on top and you’re good to go.

These days, the end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of your summer wardrobe. Nor does it mean the end of looking super fab.

Cooler months provide the opportunity to layer on even more great pieces, to mix, match and combine and show off your individual style and flair. It’s all in the choices you make, how you wear the pieces you choose and the little details you add. So bring on the crisp air, brisk temperatures and blustery weather and show ‘em what you’ve got.