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Why Dressing For Your Body Shape is Key to Looking Great

Out of the many reasons that my clients hire me, wanting to learn how to dress for their body shape is probably at the top of their list. They understand that knowing how to dress for their particular shape is key to looking great. Why? Because it helps create visual balance and harmony. Visual balance and harmony, in turn, pleases […]


Style Tip Sunday: Features

It’s Sunday! So today I’ll be sharing another Style Tip from my App and Book Style 365. Today’s tip is all about your…   FEATURES: Want to look your best at all times? Highlight your favourite features.   Every single one of us has things about our bodies that we love and things about our bodies that we wish we could change. The […]


The Second Step to Looking Great

In case you missed it, or if you’re new to Hot Chicks, in my last post I wrote about The Very First Thing You Need to Do to look great and have killer style. Today I’m covering Step #2. It’ll get you well on your way to knowing what to buy, how to wear it and how to put it all […]


Bring on the Bootay!

Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce. Know where I’m going with this? That’s right – these ladies have got some serious booty going on. Beautiful, sexy, with curves in all the right places, I wonder if they ever ask, “Does my butt look big in this?” These famous women are known for more than their derrieres, but Google each of them and […]


To Waist or Not to Waist…

I read a piece in a magazine the other day in which Donatella Versace stated that for a woman, showing off your waist would always be more advantageous than concealing it. As much as I admire Donatella and would love to be able to purchase Versace on a regular basis, I had to disagree.  Some women just look better hiding their […]


Why Knowing Your Body Shape & Colours Matters (Video)

This week I’m trying something new. Instead of writing a blog post, I’ve recorded a video. The topic? Body shape and colour. When you take a good long look at your body shape and understand your proportions, you start to learn why certain cuts and styles of clothing look better on you than others. The same can be said for […]


Sweater Mania

As the temperature drops, there’s nothing better than throwing on a great sweater to keep you warm. (A Hot Toddy doesn’t hurt either.) But with so many options, how do you choose? And then once you’ve chosen, how will you wear it? What will it go with? How will you accessorize? After years of shopping for myself and my clients, […]


Diary of a Brazil Butt Lifter

Saturday morning, while my two kids were pillaging, scavenging and generally creating mass terror in their virtual worlds, I decided to take a few moments to myself, parked myself on the sofa and turned on the TV. Instead of tuning in to something relaxing or educational, I turned to some shopping channel and came across an infomercial for the Brazil […]