Sweater Mania

As the temperature drops, there’s nothing better than throwing on a great sweater to keep you warm. (A Hot Toddy doesn’t hurt either.) But with so many options, how do you choose? And then once you’ve chosen, how will you wear it? What will it go with? How will you accessorize?

After years of shopping for myself and my clients, I’ve realized that there are 3 things I always consider when hunting for the perfect sweater. As a matter of fact, these 3 things can also be applied to any other tops, jackets or coats you may be considering.


Body Type

Being familiar with your body type or body shape and knowing  how to dress for it can be instrumental in finding the perfect sweater. No point in buying a sweater that looks great on a hanger but loses its appeal as soon as you put it on.

Once you know which cuts and styles are best suited to your particular shape, you’ll know which styles of sweaters to sift through and which ones to avoid.



Similar to knowing your body type, knowing which colours flatter your skin tone will also simplify the shopping process. With so many options out there, it sure helps to know which colours to choose from. It definitely saves time in the fitting room.

I find that many people have an idea of which colours look good on them, but most aren’t sure why. If you’re unsure, take a look at what happens to your face once you put a certain colour up to it. A suitable colour will have a freshening effect on your overall appearance, while an unsuitable colour will have the opposite effect – making you look tired, emphasizing dark circles, etc.



As with any other type of clothing you might be purchasing, know what it is you’re buying. Always read the labels to find out what the item is made of.

Different yarns will wash and wear differently. Some might have a little more give or stretch than others and keep their shape better, some will pill more than others and some will retain their colour better over time.

Familiarize yourself with the care instructions so that you know if the sweater is right for you. If you’re unsure of a certain material, don’t be afraid to ask a sales person. If they don’t know, well, there’s always Google.


Here are some of my sweater picks for the season, along with 4 different examples of how to wear them. Hopefully you’ll find them inspirational and useful in your hunt for the perfect sweater this season. If you’re unable to find one, don’t worry, there’s always those Hot Toddys.



Featured: Jane Norman, Cable Front Buckle Jumper $50

Top Left: Blumarine, Peplum Sweater $1160

Bottom Left: Rick Owens, Dafne Merino Wool Sweater $690


 Featured: Vince, Belted Knitted Wool Cardigan $325

Top Left: Kenzo, Oversize Lined Pullover $415

Bottom Left: Vero Moda, Sweater, Talent Pink $75


Featured: Joie, Wesley Sweater $238

Top Left: Rick Owens, Drape Butterfly Sweater $650

Bottom Left: Zigga, Pullover $50


Featured: romwe.com, Batwing Oversized Yellow Jumper $35

Top Left: Ralph Lauren Black, Anthracite Cashmere Cable Poncho $1475

Bottom Left: sheinside.com, Blue Batwing Sleeve Drawstring Loose Sweater $45