Out of the many reasons that my clients hire me, wanting to learn how to dress for their body shape is probably at the top of their list. They understand that knowing how to dress for their particular shape is key to looking great. Why? Because it helps create visual balance and harmony. Visual balance and harmony, in turn, pleases the eye. When something is pleasing to the eye, well, it looks good. Really good.


When you know how to dress for your shape, you know how to play up your assets and downplay the areas of your body that you don’t necessarily want to draw attention to. You know how to highlight certain parts, deemphasize others and fool the eye into believing that you are the epitome of proportion and balance.


It also helps you know which clothing cuts, styles and lengths look best on you, how to wear certain items to suit your body best and how to choose and place accessories to monopolize on the body you’ve got.


Having this knowledge also saves you time and money. Once you know which cuts and styles suit your shape, you know which items to avoid when shopping and which ones to hone in on. You no longer spend money buying things that don’t flatter you and that sit in your closet unworn. It also saves you time when getting dressed because your closet is only stocked with items perfectly suited to you.


If you want to learn how to best dress for your shape, there are a number of different ways to do so. You can hire a stylist like me to help you, you can head over to your local library or bookstore to see what they have available, or you can turn to the internet for a ton of info and tips. You’ll even find online stores dedicated to helping you shop based on your shape.


smitherystyle.com is a Canadian e-boutique founded in Toronto by Chief Stylesmiths, Rena and Mavis. According to Rena, “Smithery makes shopping online easier by offering a simple shape finder tool, modeling the clothes on REAL women representing each body shape, and including customized styling tips to make three outfits from every piece.”


sizeable.com.au is an Australian online store founded by Melbourne-based blogger Larissa Thorne. Larissa states that at Sizeable, “we don’t believe that every woman’s body can really be boiled down to five specific types, instead what we’re trying to do is give women a better idea of what clothes would look like on somebody whose body better resembles their own rather than the standard fit model.”


So if wanting to learn how to dress for your particular body shape is on the top of your list or somewhere further down, there are a number of different options and resources out there for you to do so. If it’s nowhere on your list or even if you don’t have a list, that’s OK. If you ever change your mind, you’ll know exactly where to go.


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