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It’s SO Important, it Made it Onto Good Morning America!

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my Post and Story sharing my segment on Good Morning America. And you may have even watched it. If you watched the segment, you’ll know that I chatted about Dressing for your Body Shape. A topic so important that out of all the things I could’ve spoken about, we chose that. Because it really […]


The #1 Goal (and How to Dress) for YOUR Body Shape

Last week I wrote about the easiest way to determine your body shape and why you should. Today I’m covering the #1 Goal (and how to dress) for each of the 5 shapes. If you haven’t determined your shape yet, CLICK HERE to go to my previous post before you read on. (Please note that the following recommendations are for those looking to create visual […]


How to Know Which Pair of Jeans is Right for You

If I had a dollar for every time a client asked me how her butt looks in a pair of jeans… I swear I spend most of my time photographing their back sides to show them. The key to a great looking pair of jeans is a great looking behind. And the key to a great looking behind is having the right […]


Launch Day is Here!

When I first started styling women, I realized very quickly that no matter what their location, lifestyle, body shape or budget, when it came to their style and putting outfits together, they all had the same problems, concerns and struggles.  I also saw with my own two eyes, what happened when a woman was given the tools and knowledge to transform her style and learn how to look her […]


The One Thing You Need to Know When Buying Jackets or Blazers

Sometimes blazers and jackets are necessary. Sometimes they’re just layering pieces that add interest to an outfit. Regardless of why you’re wearing them, you’ll want them to look great on. So what is it you need to know when purchasing? Which style suits your shoulders best. Let’s start with the basics – shoulder types. I’ve found that most shoulders fall into 3 categories (although there […]


VIDEO: How to Determine Your Vertical Proportions

I recently had the pleasure of joining 9 other women in speaking to The Ladies Community in Toronto at the Thompson Hotel. We each had 6 minutes to cover one topic.  This is a quick 2 minute excerpt from my 6 minute talk on How to Dress for Your Body Shape (watch the whole 6 minutes HERE) where I discuss how to determine […]


Style Tip Sunday: Swimwear

  It’s Style Tip Sunday! Today’s tip from my App and Book Style 365, is all about…   SWIMWEAR: When it comes to bathing suits, we all know – one size does not fit all (nor does one style). Make sure you’re wearing the right style for your particular body shape.   If you’re unsure, it might be worthwhile to visit […]