I recently had the pleasure of joining 9 other women in speaking to The Ladies Community in Toronto at the Thompson Hotel. We each had 6 minutes to
cover one topic. 

This is a quick 2 minute excerpt from my 6 minute talk on How to Dress for Your Body Shape (watch the whole 6 minutes HERE) where I discuss how to determine your Vertical Proportions.


The reason I pulled this clip out is that most people never consider their vertical proportions when getting dressed or shopping. 


Dressing for your body shape is about more than your horizontal proportions – how wide or narrow you are at certain points, whether you’re an apple or pear shape, rectangle, triangle, etc. It’s about dressing for your body vertically too – more specifically how long or short your various body parts are.


Click below to watch and learn how easy it is to determine your vertical proportions and what you can do when you’re too long or too short in a specific area.



Feel free to share this video with any of your friends or family who might enjoy it.