Last week I wrote about the easiest way to determine your body shape and why you should. Today I’m covering the #1 Goal (and how to dress) for each of the 5 shapes.

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(Please note that the following recommendations are for those looking to create visual balance and proportion. By no way am I implying that any shape is flawed. I’m merely responding to the numerous inquiries I receive from women seeking to monopolize on the shape they have.)

The Rectangle

If you have a Rectangular body shape, your goal is to create curves (to appear more like an hourglass) by emphasizing your shoulders and your hips and minimizing your waist. There are a number of ways to do this. You can create shape or add volume on top, cinch in your waist or conceal your waist altogether, or you can add volume at your hips.

Tops that have details or width at the shoulders or at the hips are great choices. Alternatively you could belt your waist or hip.

Bottoms that sit on your hips are best suited to your shape. Many styles suit the rectangular shape, so choose according to what makes sense with the top you’re wearing.

The Triangle

If you have a Triangular shape, your goal is to visually balance your narrow upper body with your wider lower body. This can be achieved by adding volume to your shoulders and emphasizing your upper torso, highlighting your waist and deemphasizing your lower body.

Tops that create shape, have details that pull the eye upward or add volume to your shoulders and upper body are ideal.

Bottoms with minimal to no waistband, detailing or pockets, that skim your hips, in lightweight, dark fabrics are best suited to minimize the hips.

The Hourglass

If you have an Hourglass shape, your goal is to keep the balance between your upper and lower body, emphasize your waist and elongate your figure. This can be achieved by following the natural curve of your body and drawing attention to your neck/chest area (not your bust).

Simple tops with open necklines, in draping fabrics that skim your body, without any details or pockets on the bust, accentuate your upper body nicely.

Bottoms that are simply cut, with a flat front and minimal to no detailing, are best.

The Oval

If you have an Oval shape, your goal is to balance your full torso with your slimmer lower body, to deemphasize your undefined waist and to elongate your figure. This can be achieved by visually lengthening and minimizing the volume of the torso, avoiding any unnecessary bulk, and drawing attention to your legs and thighs.

Simple, straight, body skimming tops that land anywhere from your hip to just below your bottom are best. Avoid anything sloppy, clingy or too detailed at the bust or shoulders.

Bottoms that are simply cut, with a flat front and minimal to no detailing, are best.

The Inverted Triangle

If you have the shape of an Inverted Triangle, your goal is to balance the width of your back, shoulder and bust area with your narrow waist and hips. This can be achieved by minimizing your upper torso and creating fullness or width at your hips.

Simple tops with soft sleeve details that land at your hips, free of any breast pockets, horizontal detailing or shoulder details, in dark, solid colours and lightweight fabrics are best.

Bottoms with wide waistbands, hip and pocket details, in heavier, highly patterned fabrics add focus and volume to your lower body.

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