If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my Post and Story sharing my segment on Good Morning America. And you may have even watched it.

If you watched the segment, you’ll know that I chatted about Dressing for your Body Shape. A topic so important that out of all the things I could’ve spoken about, we chose that. Because it really is that important.

(If you didn’t watch the segment and you’re interested in catching it, CLICK HERE.)



Knowing how to dress for your body shape and vertical proportions is the basis for having anything you wear look amazing on you. You could have the most incredible outfit, but if it doesn’t suit your shape or proportions, it’ll never look quite right.

Once you know how to dress for your shape and proportions, you know exactly what to wear and how to wear it to look balanced, proportionate and better than ever in your clothes. You also know which clothes to shop for and which to avoid – saving you time and money.

Best part? It’s simple and straightforward and very easy to learn. And once you know it, you’ll have it for a lifetime.






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