Our second last challenge comes from a lovely lady who struggles with what to wear when you’re not your ideal weight, other than tights (or leggings). The answer to this, or the way to tackle this challenge, is probably not what you think it might be. It’s this – dress for the body you have, not the one you had, and not the one you’re going to have. Let me explain…


Challenge 6: What to Wear When You’re Not Your Ideal Weight


As a Stylist, I work with a number of women who aren’t their ideal weight. Some are in the process of losing weight, some say they’d like to lose the weight, and some have accepted that this is their new weight.

Those that are in the process of losing weight or hoping to lose it in the future, tell me that they don’t want to buy another piece of clothing until they reach their desired weight.

They’re not going to waste another penny on clothes they’ll probably never wear again. Which makes complete financial sense. Except for the fact that it’s not always the best or most practical idea. They end up in tights (or leggings) and get tired of the same old look. Or they wear ill-fitting clothes that do nothing to flatter their figure. Which makes them feel worse.

Yet here’s what I’ve seen… those that are in the process of losing weight and dress for their changing body (as they lose the weight) or those that have accepted that this is their new weight and dress for their current body, feel better about themselves and like what they see in the mirror.

Here’s why… when your clothes fit your body properly, they look better on you. When your clothes look better on you, you automatically look better. When you look better, you feel better.

What’s the solution? Dress for the body you have – right now. Not the one you had and not the one you’re going to have.


Here’s how you do that…

Step 1
Forget the size you were when you last shopped. It’s irrelevant. Sizing these days is so random that you can be medium in one store, large in another and small in a third. Throw sizing out the window. You’ll have to deal with it on a case by case basis.

Step 2
Go shopping. The only way to get out of your tights (or leggings) is to go buy something else to wear. Buy some pants, or jeans or skirts or shorts or whatever you feel best in. And buy ones that fit. FIT! Not too tight, not too loose – they’ll make you look bigger than you are. Buy clothes that fit your shape and skim your body.

Step 3
When buying bottoms – choose fabrics with a bit of stretch in them and waistbands with some elastic. Now I’m not talking about grandma’s polyester pants (not that there’s anything wrong with them). There are a ton of fabulous options out there to choose from.

For example, Aritzia’s Conan pant and Zara’s Cigarette pant (see image above) are both made of stretchy fabrics with elasticized waistbands at the back of the pant. And both are great options when you want something comfortable that will change as your body’s changes.


Keep in mind:
• darker colours are more slimming than lighter ones
• vertical patterns or detailing are more slimming than horizontal patterns or detailing
• flat front bottoms are also more slimming than pleated or gathered front bottoms
• pockets can be the enemy (keep your eye on them and make sure they’re not adding bulk)