You might think that because I’m a Personal Stylist, I have a ton of clothes. The truth is that I have one garment rack for hanging and one dresser. That’s it.

Being clear on my style, knowing how to put things together and shopping smart keeps my wardrobe super lean. (Although using really thin hangers and stacking clothes in my dresser like a game of Tetris sure doesn’t hurt.)

If you’re looking to create a clean, solid, functional yet fabulous wardrobe and want to make the most of every item of clothing you own, here are 3 things that should help maximize your wardrobe. And your dollar.


1. Purchase items that can be worn throughout multiple seasons.

Gone are the days of having distinct summer and winter wardrobes. These days, most pieces can be worn in creative ways through many seasons. Knowing how to layer and mix different fabric weights and textures keeps a look fresh and unique. The key is to making sure that the overall outfit is weather appropriate.

Need some ideas? When the thermometer starts to drop, summer crop tops can be worn over long sleeve shirts; light summer skirts, shorts or dresses can be worn with tights or with socks and booties and a heavier coat or a thicker sweater.


2. Only purchase an item if it goes with at least 3 things in your wardrobe.

If you buy a piece of clothing that can only be worn with one other piece in your closet, it’s not providing you with the opportunity to mix and match and be used a variety of different ways.

If you have limited closet space as well as limited funds, purchasing items that go with more than one piece in your wardrobe, means that you’ll be able to create more outfits from less pieces. This keeps your closet from becoming over full and your bank account from dwindling.


3. Purchase multi-purpose items.

Multi-purpose, multi-use or multi-wear items are pieces that can be worn more than one way. While your first thought might be of convertible bridesmaid dresses, multi-purpose clothing can actually take on many forms.

Take the TMR Collection Portland Dress, designed by Tara Rivas. At first glance you see a very well made, super chic, crazy sexy dress. On closer inspection you realize that the dress is completely reversible in another colour, making it two dresses for the price of one. Brilliant!

Blanket scarves are another example of items that can be worn more than one way. They can be wrapped around your neck in typical scarf fashion, worn as a wrap, and if the fabric is thin enough, can be worn sarong style. The only limit is your imagination.


And finally, one of the best ways to maximize your wardrobe and your dollar is to take excellent care of your clothing. Following the cleaning instructions on the tags should extend the wear of your clothes, helping them last longer and look better too. And who doesn’t want better looking clothing?