Here in Toronto, we recently got hit with a major arctic blast. Well, ok. It may have just snowed a little and got a bit cold. But it definitely had me pulling out all my boots. And maybe purchasing one (or two) more pairs. Just in case.

If you too are on the hunt for another pair of boots and considering purchasing a knee-high style, here are 3 things to consider before you buy:


Ensure that the top of the boot isn’t too close to your knee. It may hit and rub when you walk. It can also visually shorten the look of your legs. You want a knee-high boot to land just below the knee.

Zippers and stretch panels along the boot shaft make it easier for your foot to slide in and out. If the boot you’d like to purchase doesn’t have any, make sure that they’re easy enough to put on and take off so that you’re not struggling every single time.

If it’s a looser fitting boot, notice if your back heel slides up and down when you walk. It might not bother you if you’re just taking a few steps, but if you plan to walk for greater distances, it may become a problem.

And don’t forget…
When shopping for boots, bring along the type of sock you plan on wearing with them so that you get an accurate fit. Especially if you expect to wear something thicker in the winter.


Happy shopping!