I had great plans for my I’m-back-but-I-haven’t-REALLY-been-gone post, but a potential client asked me a question that I often get, so I thought I’d share my answer, with the hope that it might help you as well, and now this is the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever written.


How Much Money Should I Set Aside for a New Wardrobe?


It Depends
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When you’re interested in revamping your closet or creating a whole new wardrobe, there are certain factors that determine how much money you should set aside (or save) to do so.


1. Where You Shop


Where you shop and how much you spend per piece will determine how far your dollar goes and consequently how much you’ll need to budget.


Not sure which pieces you should spend more on and where you can save? Invest in pieces that you’ll want to stand the test of time – classic styles, coats, bags, suits, good pants and jeans, etc. Spend a little less on trendier items that you won’t wear for more than one or two seasons. Basics such as white t-shirts and tank tops also don’t have to be investment pieces as they typically need to get replaced regularly.


2. What You Buy


If you purchase clothes that mix and match easily, you’ll be able to create more outfits from less pieces.Alternatively, if you purchase items that only go with one other piece, you’ll need many more pieces to create a functional wardrobe.


Don’t have a lot to spend and/or want your wardrobe to go further? Choose two to three colours that work well together and purchase your main wardrobe staples in those colours. Not only will you be able to create more outfits with them, getting dressed will become a whole lot easier.


3. How You Shop


If you shop smart – shop with knowledge (knowing which cuts and styles to purchase), with intention (have a plan), and with the goal of maximizing your wardrobe (for your current situation and the future in mind),your new wardrobe will cost you less money than if you don’t.


Knowing which cuts and styles suit you (your style, body shape and lifestyle), knowing which items you need, and shopping with both today and tomorrow in mind, will keep you from wasting money on purchasing clothes you’ll never wear, and will save you money on future purchases.


So how much does a new wardrobe REALLY cost? Well, like I said – it depends. On you.


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