Who Do YOU Dress For?

I’ve heard it said that some women dress for men, some dress for other women and some dress for themselves. Apparently at least once a day I dress for my dog Cooper, because as soon as I put on a unique combination of items, he knows that we’re going for a w-a-l-k.

Getting dressed and choosing my outfit has always been a combination of purpose, function, mood and self-expression. But somewhere in that decision-making process is there a subconscious need to dress for or impress someone other than myself?

Perhaps whom you dress for depends on the situation. Perhaps as women we do at times dress for each other and for men – whether we do it consciously or subconsciously.

Let’s say you’re headed out for a night on the town. If it’s just you and a friend, how would you dress? If it’s you and your significant other and it’s date night would you dress the same? How about if it’s girls’ night out, there’s a group of you and one of the girls is super stylish and always looks incredible? Would you change your look? Or perhaps you’re single and you’re out to meet someone new? Would that affect how you dress?

The more I think about it, there more I see that I do, at times, either consider what I’ll be wearing or alter my outfit based on who I will be with or who will see me. I notice the same thing with many of my clients as well. I just think most of us don’t realize we’re doing it.

If we do dress for others, why do we do it? When we dress for other women, is it to impress or compete? When we dress for men is it for approval or part of the mating ritual? I read somewhere that women dress to impress other men (other than their significant others) when they’re most fertile – around the time of ovulation. Umm, hmm, okay. Something to consider?

Regardless of why we might do it, here is what I do know – I know that when I dress for my mood, for what flatters me, for what I’m trying to achieve or portray at that moment, I look good (in my eyes anyway). I also know that when I look good, I feel good and know this to be true for others as well. And if I happen to dress for others along the way (whether consciously or unconsciously), then I’m okay with it. Especially if it’s for Cooper – because he’s worth it.