These last few weeks, the entertainment and fashion sites have been all about the Jennifers – Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston. What do all three ladies have in common other than their celebrity status and their name? They all lopped off their hair. I wonder if J Lo’s feeling the pressure?

When celebrities cut their long locks and opt for shorter styles, the media’s abuzz with photos and opinions and can’t seem to get enough. Nor, it seems, can we (okay – me). Next thing you know, women are chopping their hair to do the same. Remember the “Rachael” or most recently the “Karlie”?

If you’ve been contemplating jumping on the bandwagon and shearing that long, luscious mane of yours, here are a few things to consider before taking that first snip:


Ask yourself why you want to cut your hair? Are you bored with it? Do you feel like you need a change? Is your hair damaged? Or do you just like the look of short(er) hair? Perhaps cutting off most of your hair isn’t the solution. Quite often a new colour, treatment or slightly different style will do the trick.

Your Hair

Do you have fine, medium or coarse hair? Is it straight, wavy, or curly? How dense is it? Not all hairstyles suit all hair types. Consider how your hair will work for the style you have in mind.

Your Face Shape

Just as with hair types, not all hairstyles suit all face shapes. Really consider which styles will best enhance your facial features. If you’re not sure, do your research to ensure that you’re making the right choice for YOU.


What look are you going for? Do you want to look cute, sexy, sophisticated or edgy? Do you want to make a statement or are you just looking for something easy? Make sure that your new style will reflect the look you want to achieve.


Will your shorter hair be easier for you to do in the morning or harder? How often will you need to go to your stylist in order to maintain the cut? Shorter cuts typically need trimming about every 6 weeks. Is this something that your schedule and budget can handle?

The Grow-Out Phase

Are you planning to keep it short(er) for a very long time or is the new cut a temporary thing? How will the new style grow out? Do you have a plan for how to deal with the “in-between” phase? Depending on how short you go or how long you want it to be after, you might find yourself in the awkward stage for many, many months.

Go Slow

If you want to go short but are afraid of a drastic change, try cutting off a bit at a time. That way you can see how you feel about going shorter and if you do find that it isn’t for you, you’ll have less time to wait until it grows back.

Talk to Your Stylist

Talk to your stylist to get his or her take on the style you’ve chosen to see how it will work for you. Your stylist might have some ideas that you might not have considered or insight into what might suit you and your situation best.

Once you’ve done all your research, considered your options and decided on a style, then go for it. After all, if doesn’t work out, it’s only hair – it’ll grow back.