What to Wear this Fall

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September’s here, the kids are back in school and I’m back to work. Other than some commitments with clients, I was able to take the month of August off to spend time with my kids, go on holiday and renovate my bathroom. Well, I didn’t actually renovate, but I was a pretty good supervisor. Now that I’m back at it and the weather has cooled off, it’s time to start talking Fall trends. I typically start keeping my eye out for Fall trends in the summer and while this year was no different, I really didn’t get into any deep research until a couple of weeks ago. What I was surprised to find was that many of this year’s trends were…

Thinking of Trying Pastels this Spring?

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Lavender, peach, mint green, dusty rose. This year, one of the hottest Spring trends is Pastels and as with many trends, some women aren’t sure how to incorporate them into their existing wardrobe. The great thing about a trend is that just because you adopt it, it doesn’t mean that you have to go whole hog. There’s no reason why you can’t incorporate it here and there – no one said you to have to wear it head to toe. If you’re interested in giving Pastels a go this Spring but not sure how best to go about it, here are 3 ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe – without looking like an Easter Egg (not that there’s anything wrong…

Last Year’s Boot Trends to Wear This Fall

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Every Fall, when the Trend Reports come out, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see, hear or read about Boot trends for the Fall/Winter season. Given our climate here in Canada, boots are a staple that most of us either can’t live without or wouldn’t want to. Many boots don’t come cheap. Often when you invest in a good, solid pair of boots you’d like them to last more than one season. If you follow trends at all and if you’re anything like me, you cross your fingers hoping that the boots you bought last year will still be on this year’s hit list. This year you’re in luck. Many of the boots seen as last year’s trends are still considered some of…

Red, Hot & Sexy for Fall

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When I was younger, I wanted a pair of red boots. My mother refused to buy them for me; she said I’d look like a prostitute. Huh? Well, regardless of the implications for my future career choice, ever since then I’ve had this obsession with the colour red. Red ,red, red. I loved everything red. Red screams, “Look at me!” It’s bold and daring. Vibrant and exciting. It’s the symbol of love and passion, desire and hunger. It’s fire and heat and all things spicy. It’s the universal sign of warning and danger, sin and debauchery. Ahh, red. Good ol’ red. Red is sexy. It’s provocative and alluring, stimulating and flirtatious. It speeds up the pulse and increases blood pressure….

Fall Trends 2012

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Today I’m writing about something that you might not be ready to read. But what good would I be to you if I left you unprepared? So here goes. Fall Trends That’s right – Fall Trends. I know it’s probably stinkin’ hot out right now and Fall Trends are the last thing you want to think about, but while you’re figuring out ways to beat the heat, Fall’s new looks are slowly hitting the shelves.  If you want to be able to pick and choose your favorites of the season then you need to know what to look for and keep your eyes peeled before all the best pieces are sold out. Before I begin, I want to let you…