My Top 10 Picks for Fall

I’m back! And while summer ended up being a little busier than expected, I’m grateful for the extra time I was able to spend with family and friends, for weekends on the boat, and for a bit more ease to my schedule. But now that it’s officially over, I’m so excited to be back here with you.

Know what else I’m excited about? Fall Trends! I haven’t been this excited about trends in years. That’s because there are so many fabulous ones to choose from. Too many to even write about. So I’ve narrowed them down to my Top 10 Picks and am thrilled to be sharing them with you…


1. Plaids and Checks

The simplest way to incorporate plaids and checks is to have them be the star of the show – build your outfit around them, choosing items that complement (not compete or overshadow). Another way is to wear them head to toe – all one pattern, or combing different patterns together (if you’re brave and bold enough to do so).


2. Animal Prints

Animal prints never really go out of style, but this Fall they’re quite pronounced – especially leopard. Whether you’ve got some hanging out in your closet or need to pick some up, you can wear them with pretty much anything. Either pull a colour out of the print or pair them with a neutral. Dress them up, or down. And if you’re not keen on wearing animal print on your clothing, accessories and shoes are other options. Small doses are just as effective.


3. Sequins

Not just for night, sequins can easily be worn by day. When doing so, keep in mind the appropriateness of all that sparkle in your environment. Sometimes a hint of sequins or the addition of it to a pattern (as in the centre photo) is as much dazzle as you’ll be able to get away with. Matte sequins is also more subtle than the standard shiny sequins, so if you’re limited to a more subdued look, this might be a better option.


4. Satin

There’s a simple elegance to satin that dresses up any look. Being that satin is a weave, make sure that you know which fabric you’re purchasing. Another thing to consider is that satin made of polyester will create a bit more static than that made of silk. Keep this in mind so that you know what you’re up against.


5. Shearling, Fur and Feather

Shearling, fur or feathers, we’re coveting everything fuzzy and fluffy this Fall. The best part is that no animals or feathered friends have to be harmed in this trend because there are so many fabulous faux options available. The sky’s the limit, so get creative and incorporate as much fur or fluff into your wardrobe as you can.


6. Asymmetrical Necklines

Buh bye symmetry. These days it’s all about the asymmetry. After seeing so many asymmetrical hems on dresses and skirts lately, necklines were bound to catch up. What a simple and easy way to add instant style to an outfit. And in case this trend doesn’t last, grab as many items now as you can!


7. 80’s

They say if you’ve lived a trend once, you should probably pass on it the second time around. I disagree. Trends never come back exactly the same. They’re always modified and modernized, and there are many ways to incorporate details and pieces to suit who you are today. So if the 80’s are calling to you (again), answer. And relive those glory days all over again – 2019 style.


8. Waist Belts

The waist belt is back in full force this Fall. Wide, narrow and somewhere in between, belting anything at the waist is where it’s at. My one caution is that you keep your body shape and vertical proportions in mind as belting at the waist is not always the most flattering option.


9. Long Coats

The best thing about long coats is that they can keep you super warm on those cold days. The worst thing about long coats is that they can overwhelm you visually and make the vertically challenged look even shorter than they are. If you’d like to purchase a longer coat this Fall and you want to avoid being overpowered by or lost in it, here’s what you can do: belt it at the waist, purchase a slimmer fitting one, or elevate yourself with higher heels.


10. Leather on Leather

Saving the best for last, the leather on leather (or head to toe leather) is my fave trend for Fall. And while it might seem like an expensive trend to incorporate, there are so many incredible faux options that are much easier on your bank account (and more humane) than the real deal. What I most love about the all leather trend is that it adds instant style to your look. The one caution I have is that you consider the elements and where and how you’ll be wearing it, as it can get quite warm underneath.

(All Clothing Zara)

So there you have it. My Top 10 Picks for Fall. One thing I definitely want to mention is that when it comes to trends, don’t get too caught up in the trends themselves or how they’re being worn by others. Take the elements and details that work for you and make them your own.