Fall Trends You Need to Know!

September is here! And that means that Fall (and Winter) is coming. And with the arrival of the new seasons come Fall/Winter Trends.

If you’ve ever researched new seasonal trends, you’ll know that everyone has their own take on them. And there are a ton to choose from. It’s almost overwhelming!

So I’ve gone and scoured the sites, the mags, the blogs and the socials, so that you don’t have to. And so that you have an idea of what to keep your eye out for as you plan your Fall/Winter wardrobe updates.

Here are my Top 3 Faves

(and some Fall/Winter Trend Details to keep in mind)


Prob one of the top trends this year is RED. (Honorable mentions go to Yellow and Butter, but they’re not as big as red.)

Not much more to say here other than if you’re adopting this trend, wear it head to toe – that’s the change this year. If you’re going to wear it, it’s got to be full on, in every item you wear.

That said, if head to toe red isn’t for you, totally fine to just incorporate one piece – a great blazer or coat, top, pants, handbag or smokin’ pair of heels.


Collarless Cropped Blazer
High Waisted Straight Cut Pants


Call it Corporate, call it Business, call it Power Dressing. Whatever you do, just make sure to call it yours.

Another top trend this Fall/Winter is anything biz attire related – suits, blazers, pencil skirts, pinstripes, shirts and ties. Think office, think tailored.

The key to this trend, whether you take on the whole look or just add the odd piece, is that you take on a modern, current approach, or make it your own. Meaning style it the way you’d style any other outfit. 


Babaton Director Vest
Babaton Strategy Blazer
Babaton Founder Pant


This is one of those trends where you’re going to have to use your imagination. Picture Wednesday Addams, fully grown, and super chic. But romantic. So black, lace, sheer, ribbons, ruffles, flowing fabrics,  etc., etc.

I see this trend as more of a vibe. Sure you could do the full on outfit, or you can take elements of it and create your own look. 

You might not even need to add any new pieces into your wardrobe. My guess is that you’ve prob got a few items in your closet that you can wear together, to construct your own dark romantic drool worthy ensemble.


Lucilla Dress
Karina Grimaldi

Fall/Winter Trend Details

Beyond the major trend players this year are some key trend details you’ll want to keep in mind when updating your look:

  • The oversized, loose and slouchy pant trend continues. So if you adopted this already, you’re good to keep going.
  • Blazers continue to be big and bold with super wide exaggerated shoulders. And I mean super wide.
  • Shoulders themselves continue to be the focus with off the shoulder tops being huge for the upcoming season.
  • If you’re a skirt lover, circle skirts are making a comeback and longer lengths are continuing.
  • The general silhouette this Fall/Winter is the hourglass – it’s all about the waist. Belting at the waist and peplums are all the rage.
  • Elevated Basics are a focus this season as well. Think Ready to Wear on the runways, but in real life.
  • If you’re a scarf lover, you’re in luck. Big blanket scarves and draping are right on point.
  • Anything fuzzy is still going strong – shearling, faux fur, etc.
  • Metallics, winter florals and plaid – all big hits this Fall/Winter too.

And that’s it! OK, it’s kind of a lot. But this’ll keep us going til the weather warms up. Can’t wait to see what’s coming for Spring/Summer 2024!