Work with a Designer to Make Your Outfit Dreams Come True

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Ever go shopping with an idea of what you’re looking for but can’t find it anywhere? Maybe you find the ideal top on one dress and bottom on another and wish you could magically fuse them together? Or perhaps you find the (nearly) perfect piece but wish it came in another fabric, colour or pattern? A girl can dream right? Well, find the right designer and your dream might just come true. Canada is home to a number of extremely talented Independent Fashion Designers who, for lack of exposure in mainstream malls, have their talents hidden from most of us. Yet all you have to do is browse through local boutiques to find that many of them stock their pieces….

Dresses – Why Buy When You Can Rent?

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I’m currently in the process of rebranding my business – new focus, new look and most importantly, new website. The most exciting part of the new site, for me, are the new photos. Not for the photos’ sake, but for the new outfits that go along with them. With the rebrand though, come many costs and I have to save money where I can. While I knew that I needed some pretty fabulous gowns for some of my pics, I was also on a budget. So what does a price-conscious girl who needs an incredible dress do? She rents one of course. I heard about dress rentals when I started styling clients for their photo shoots. Renting a dress allows…

10 Ways to Look Subtly Sexy this Valentine’s Day

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Looking overtly sexy is pretty easy. Throw on some tight, skimpy clothes, expose a ton of skin and you’re good to go. Being subtly sexy however, can take a little more thought and effort. This Valentine’s Day, if subtle sexiness is the look you’re going for, here are 10 ways to achieve it…   1. Body Parts The easiest way to be subtly sexy is to be just that – subtle. Don’t reveal too much at once. Choose one body part to feature and that’s it. Throw on an off-the shoulder top, put on a backless jumper or show a tiny bit of cleavage. Just not all at once. The key is to leave something to the imagination.   2….

Last Minute Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

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I recently had a fun holiday themed photo shoot with Blair O’Halloran from Toronto Independent Fashion Scene ( and it forced me to think about what I’d be wearing this year. With holiday parties now in full swing, you may have already been to one, or two or three. Or maybe your party circuit has yet to begin. Whether you’re running out of ideas or have left choosing your looks to the eleventh hour, here are some last minute holiday party outfit ideas that I’ve compiled (using some shots from my shoot as inspiration).   1. Throw on a Fabulous Skirt If there’s one thing I know about putting an outfit together, it’s that once you have a fabulous piece,…

How to Transition Your Wardrobe and Look Great Doing It

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Depending upon where you live, September can mean the official end of summer. Here in Toronto, days are slowly getting shorter and mornings are often chillier than midday. Cooler weather is definitely around the corner. Knowing what to wear as Fall approaches can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you transition your wardrobe from the end of Summer, through Fall and into the early days of Winter (and keep you looking great doing it).   When the weather is warm, we tend to show a bit more skin. Shorts, skirts, shorter sleeves, tanks and open toed shoes keep us cool in the heat. More often than not, one layer of clothing will do and is often preferred….