Fashion Tips

How to Transition Your Wardrobe and Look Great Doing It

Depending upon where you live, September can mean the official end of summer. Here in Toronto, days are slowly getting shorter and mornings are often chillier than midday. Cooler weather is definitely around the corner. Knowing what to wear as Fall approaches can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you transition your wardrobe from the end of […]


The Top 5 Style Challenges and How to Overcome Them

I’ve been Styling a lot of clients online lately and the more women I work with globally, the more evident it is that when it comes to shopping and getting dressed, no matter where my clients live, whether it’s in Canada, the UK, Australia or Austria, the majority of them struggle with the same issues. Here are the Top 5 […]


The 3rd and Final Step – The Elements of Looking Great

This is the third and final installment of my petite series on looking great and having killer style. First I covered How to Determine Your Personal Style. Then I moved onto Knowing How to Dress for Your Body Shape. Today I’m covering the 3 key elements of looking great – colour, proportion and fit. Know and understand these elements, combine […]


Wait! Before You Cut Your Hair, Consider This

These last few weeks, the entertainment and fashion sites have been all about the Jennifers – Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston. What do all three ladies have in common other than their celebrity status and their name? They all lopped off their hair. I wonder if J Lo’s feeling the pressure? When celebrities cut their long locks and […]


5 Steps to the Perfect Outfit

One of the most common concerns I hear from my clients is that they don’t know how to create an outfit. They see other women look put together and wish they could do the same. They don’t know what to wear with what, how to accessorize or even where to start and often get so overwhelmed that they give up. […]


Friends Don’t Let Friends Look Bad

The other day I had the pleasure of escorting my two children to the Ke$ha and Pitbull concert at the Molson Amphitheatre. Other than it turning into a lesson for them on (a) the colourful and suggestive use of profanity (thanks Ke$ha) (I know, I know – what did I expect?) and (b) the effects of excessive alcohol consumption (No! […]


The Art of Layering

Sun, rain, sleet and snow. This time of year you never know what you’ll experience when you walk out your front door. With all the unpredictable weather we’ve been having lately, it’s hard to know what to wear to tackle the elements. April’s a tricky month to dress for at best – cool mornings, warm afternoons, rainy days. This April’s […]


Forget the New – 5 Classic Pieces to Keep

Every January there’s always so much talk about embracing the new – new goals, new habits, new changes, new lifestyle. When it comes to fashion, it’s no different. Magazines are already previewing the new Spring/Summer trends for 2013 and in just a few weeks I’ll be doing the same. What we don’t typically hear about in January is keeping the old […]


Sequins and Leather and Lace, Oh My!

What better time of year to pull out the sequins, leather and lace than the holiday season? Whether it’s a cocktail party, dinner with friends or a gathering to trim the tree, how about donning something special to mark the festive occasion. Clothing that incorporates sequins, leather and lace can make quite a statement and as a result some people […]