Going shoppingThe other day I had the pleasure of escorting my two children to the Ke$ha and Pitbull concert at the Molson Amphitheatre. Other than it turning into a lesson for them on (a) the colourful and suggestive use of profanity (thanks Ke$ha) (I know, I know – what did I expect?) and (b) the effects of excessive alcohol consumption (No! Not me!), it also taught them that (c) crops tops are in (like really, really in) and that (d) some of these crop-top wearing women must not have real friends. Because a true friend (friend A) would not let their friend (friend B) wear a crop-top when it’s obviously not in their friend’s (friend B’s) best interest.

Or perhaps they do have real friends but their friends just don’t know how to break the news to them gently. Many of us aren’t really sure how to let someone else know that their choices (fashion or otherwise) aren’t necessarily the most flattering or becoming, without hurting their feelings. Or maybe we feel like we should mind our own business. But in all honesty, don’t you think that a good friend, a true friend, wouldn’t let their friend out of the house looking anything less than stellar?

Let’s say that you and a friend have plans to go out for the night. When you pick her up you see that she’s wearing an extremely short skirt that does absolutely nothing for her other than practically show off her coochie. What do you do?

Do you keep your thoughts to yourself because she’s a grown woman with the wherewithal to make her own decisions? Do you gently try to sway her into wearing something a little more flattering? Or do you say nothing because you’re not sure how to broach the subject and don’t want to offend?

Perhaps you do want to say something but you’re not sure how to go about doing it? In this particular scenario you might try something subtle like, “Don’t you think you might be a tad chilly in that teeny, tiny skirt?” Or you could up the ante a bit with, “That’s a great belt! What else are you wearing with it?” If your message still isn’t getting across, you could always try, “If that skirt was any shorter, I’d feel obligated to buy you dinner.”

However you decide to bring it up, remember to be sensitive and kind and point out that you only have their best interest at heart. Unless they look absolutely hideous. Then it’s best to just bar the front door and not let them out of the house until they change. Because that’s what friends are for.