As I mentioned yesterday, the final style challenge to tackle is one I’m asked about on a regular basis. And it’s this – can you wear white pants in the Fall and Winter? The answer is Yes! But it’s how you go about doing it that’s key.


Challenge 7: White Pants in the Fall and Winter


Here are my 3 tips for looking fabulous in white long after Labour Day has passed…

Tip #1: Choose the Right Fabric

Not all white pants are created equal. Some are made of thinner fabrics (like light cottons) that are more conducive to summer heat, while others (like white jeans) are thicker and suit cooler temperatures.

In the Fall and Winter, opt for thicker, heavier fabrics and weaves. Not only will they look more appropriate, they’ll definitely keep you warmer.

Tip #2: Dress for the Season You’re In

Pant fabric isn’t the only factor to looking great in white pants during the Fall and Winter. It’s what you wear them with that can make all the difference. Pair and complement your white pants with other appropriate seasonal pieces.

For example, white pants with open toed heels will give you a summery look and make you look like you’re dressing for the wrong season. Switch to ankle boots and now your outfit makes more sense.

White pants with a pastel coloured, chiffon blouse also gives off a warm weather vibe. But throw on a thick sweater or heavier blazer and now your outfit is cool weather appropriate.

Tip #3: Opt for Winter Whites

You’d think that white is white right? Not so much.

There are cool, stark whites and there are warmer, softer whites, which can often be considered Winter whites. Then there are off-whites, which are creamier and slightly more yellow based.

If cool, stark whites are too bright for you during the Fall or Winter, opt Winter whites or off-whites instead. These can often seem a bit more seasonally appropriate. Just keep the other two tips in mind when you’re getting dressed.

Lastly, once you’ve factored in all these tips, consider the weather. White pants are tough to keep clean. Probably not a good idea to wear them in the slushy, snowy, salt or gravel laden streets. No matter how much bleach you have.