Skirt, Boot & Coat Lengths: Which to Wear Together

Ever wonder which boots or coat lengths you should pair with different skirt (or dress) lengths? If so, wonder no more! I’ve created a video combining a variety of skirt lengths, boot heights (shaft not heel!) and coat lengths to help you figure out this sometimes tricky situation. Click play on the video below to watch and see all the different options. Complete […]


The #1 Item That’s Changing My Clients’ Lives

So here’s the thing. I was going to write about the new year, new you, blah, blah, blah. But I think we’re prob up to our eyeballs with all that jazz. Instead, I’m going to share the one item that has had the biggest impact on almost every single one of my clients. Most have even have told me that it’s literally […]


3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Knee-High Boots

Here in Toronto, we recently got hit with a major arctic blast. Well, ok. It may have just snowed a little and got a bit cold. But it definitely had me pulling out all my boots. And maybe purchasing one (or two) more pairs. Just in case. If you too are on the hunt for another pair of boots and considering purchasing […]