So here’s the thing. I was going to write about the new year, new you, blah, blah, blah. But I think we’re prob up to our eyeballs with all that jazz.

Instead, I’m going to share the one item that has had the biggest impact on almost every single one of my clients. Most have even have told me that it’s literally changed their lives. (Style wise that is.)

And what is this life altering item? It’s the ankle boot. But not just any ankle boot. It’s the perfect one.

So what makes the perfect ankle boot? Read on to find out…


1. Shaft Width

First of all, the ankle boot shaft needs to be fitted to your ankle. Like, super close. Not wide. Not gaping open. Fitted.

What this does is elongates the leg and creates length. It’s much more flattering (and less stumpy looking) than a boot with a wide shaft. Wide shafts chop up the leg visually.

Boot: YSL


2. Shaft Height

The second thing the ankle boot needs to have is at least a 2″-3″ shaft height.

This also assists in the elongation of the leg and provides a more streamlined look. It helps the eye to continue moving up the leg as opposed to just stopping at your ankle.

Boot: Valentino


3. Elongated Toe

Finally, the ankle boot needs to have an elongated toe.

Pointy toe, almond shaped or anything in between is ideal as they elongate your foot and leg visually and are more flattering, while square and round toed boots do the opposite.

Boot: Dior


Other than that, the perfect ankle boot needs to fit, be comfortable and have a heel height that you’re easily able to walk in.

And if you’d like some tips, ideas or inspiration on how to wear them, CLICK HERE  to hop on over to my Instagram page where there’s plenty.

See you there!