Being a Stylist, I’ve been in quite a few closets. Some of them total disasters. Even the organized ones had wasted space, stuff all over the place and clothes getting ruined because of improper storage. (Mine included!)

But over the years I’ve learned of numerous ways to maximize, organize and store. So whether your closet’s super small, you aren’t sure how to put things away or you’re just looking for ideas, here are 10 tips to to make the most of your space.

Tip #1

Invest in the right hangers – they can make your life easier and be better for your clothes. Flocked hangers are great for tops that slide off easily; hangers with hooks are perfect for spaghetti straps and narrow hangers save space in tight closets. If you can’t find the right hanger locally, search online for sites that ship to your location. Whatever you need – there’s a hanger for it.

Tip #2

If you’re tight on closet space, make sure you’re using every available square inch– double hang rods (one above the other), hang shelves above your rods for more storage space, use baskets for smaller items, attach wall hooks to hang accessories, stack shoe boxes or place shoes front to back. 

Tip #3

Vertical hanging canvas shoe organizers are also great for storing a variety of smaller items too.Socks, tanks or narrow folded T-shirts fit in nicely. Even clothes that can be rolled up (such as skinny jeans or leggings) could fit. Scarves, clutches and smaller handbags (depending on their size) can also be easily tucked away to make use of the vertical space. 

Tip #4

If you’ve used up all of your closet space, see if you have room for a tall narrow bookcase in your bedroom. Bookcases are great for folded itemssuch as T’s and sweaters or even baskets of sunglasses, undergarments or rolled belts.

Tip #5

Don’t forget about under your bed. If you have the space, there are low containers made specifically for under bed storage. Use those for off season or rarely worn items. Just make sure that the containers have lids to keep the dust at bay.

Tip #6

When storing clothing for long periods of time, refrain from storing them in plastic containers. Your clothes need to breathe and plastic containers can trap in moisture and/or odour, creating mildew and unwanted smells.

Tip #7

Make sure to clean each item before putting it away. If the item is soiled, the stain will set in over time, so much so that neither you nor your dry cleaner will be able to remove it. Take extra care when folding the item for storage. Be watchful of where the item creases and make sure that any special details or embellishments are sitting flat –  not bunched or stretched out.

Tip #8

Sweaters can be trickySome lose their shape when hung, so opt for folding them instead. If you do hang your sweaters, try to use thicker hangers so that the shoulders of the sweater aren’t stretched or get lumps where the end of the hanger sits. If you have narrow shoulders, try using children’s hangers to hang your sweaters. Just make sure that the end of the hanger sits right at the sweater’s shoulder seam.

Tip #9

If you fold and stack sweaters, pile them according to weight– heaviest on bottom to lightest on top. This way the lighter sweaters don’t get “squished” by the heavier ones and you’ll have fewer creases and fold lines.

Tip #10

When storing heavier clothes during the hot summer months, hang or fold them into breathable, sealed cotton bagsto protect them from dust and dirt. Take extra care when folding them for storage so that you don’t have any unnecessary wrinkling.


Got the organization down pat but don’t know which items to keep or which ones to get rid of? Not sure which cuts or styles suit you best, how to make better use of the pieces you have or need some help putting outfits together? 
Let’s hop on a Skype call and get you the answers you’ve been looking for!

Here’s What We’ll Do

– spend an hour together via Skype to get your specific questions answered and get youthe clarity you need
– go through your wardrobe, deciding what to keep, what to donate, what might need repair or alteration, so that you’re left witha fabulous and functional wardrobe that is perfect for YOU
– talk outfit creation, how to wear things, how to accessorize, which pieces to wear together and what to avoid, so that youknow how to look and feel put together
– see what’s missing and discuss how you could maximize and build upon what you already have, creating aplan for the future
– give you the confidence you’vebeen lookingfor, making getting dressed super easy and fun, no matter what the occasion
– get you looking your absolute bestand super stylish so that you have the confidence to tackle anything that comes your way

How amazing does that sound?!?

Let’s get your closet in tip top shape ,your wardrobe sorted and ready to go and you looking and feeling like a million bucks every time you walk out your front door.