My Top 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Closet

Being a Stylist, I’ve been in quite a few closets. Some of them total disasters. Even the organized ones had wasted space, stuff all over the place and clothes getting ruined because of improper storage. (Mine included!) But over the years I’ve learned of numerous ways to maximize, organize and store. So whether your closet’s super small, you aren’t sure how to put […]


When Life Knocks You Down, Style Your Way Back Up

Every once in a while, life knocks us down. Like it’s trying to show us who’s boss. One of the biggest blows I’ve ever encountered was my divorce. Even though my ex and I sailed through ours somewhat seamlessly, I still had my on-my-knees moments. Regardless of what life throws at you, it’s not so much what knocks you down […]


3 Steps to a Fabulous Closet

As a stylist, you’d think I have a huge closet filled with a ton of clothes. Sadly, I don’t. The truth is that I have a small closet and have to be extremely organized and conscious of what I buy and keep. I’m usually pretty good, but every so often things get out of control and I find myself unable […]