If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I don’t typically review beauty products. I have extremely sensitive skin and react to practically everything. So the thought of trying new products and possibly breaking out in a rash, hives or blemishes, is less than appealing. But when I heard about Bella Aura, I knew I had to give it a go.

Bella Aura’s http://www.bellaaura.com founder Yasmine Jones created the line out of the need to solve her own skin care issues and acne scarring. (Read her story here.) It consists of 5 multi-purpose products that are suitable for all skin types (yes – even hyper sensitive ones like mine).

What initially attracted me to the line was how clean the products are and their ingredients. What made me want to risk trying them was Yasmine’s passion and dedication to creating high quality products with Anti Aging benefits. Let’s face it, at 45, I’m no spring chicken and it’s starting to show. It also didn’t hurt that Yasmine, who uses the products herself, has the most incredible skin I’ve ever seen.

The first thing I noticed, right of the bat, was the delicious smell of Neroli. Simply divine! The second, that all products feel rich and luxurious going on. Like luxury in a bottle. Yet as rich and hydrating as they are (and they’re extremely hydrating), they’re actually quite light, don’t feel the slightest bit heavy or greasy, nor do they make my skin shine. The best part? Not a single negative reaction – no hives, no rashes and no blemishes.

In fact, after using all 5 products for a few weeks, my skin is the most balanced it’s ever been. No dry spots and no oily spots. My skin is super soft to the touch and looks years younger than it did a few weeks ago. The volume’s been restored, it’s tighter, firmer, more lifted and the tone’s evened out. The dark circles under my eyes are gone as is the sunken look that seemed to be a permanent resident. My skin looks amazing.

There is however one teeny tiny one problem. It’s that I’m hooked. Addicted. Completely. And the hundreds of dollars of skin care products that I haven’t touched since I started using Bella Aura, will have to remain untouched. There’s no way that I’ll ever be able to go a day without my Bella Aura. But that’s a problem I can live with.