Style Tip Sunday: Style

Starting today and continuing every Sunday, I’ll be sharing a Style Tip from my App and Book Style 365. Today’s tip is all about…


STYLE: Everyone has some sort of style. The key is to find something that you love, that works for you and that you know how to pull off.

If you know your style, own it and know how to work it, good for you! Keep doing what you’re doing, but don’t be afraid to try something new every once in a while. You’d be surprised at how trying something different can take your look to a whole other level.

If you have a style  you like but have trouble executing it or making it work for you, just start by applying one element or piece at a time to see how it looks and feels. If it works, hang onto it and keep going, one by one and soon you’ll find yourself with a style that you love.


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