If you’ve been on Instagram lately, then you know I’ve been posting some casual-wear tips. If you haven’t, or if you’ve missed a few, no worries! I’ve compiled them all into one spot.

Here are my 5 tips to looking stylish and fabulous on your casual days…

TIP #1
When you want to wear leggings, but don’t want to look like you stepped out of yoga or the gym, opt for those that are more fashion based than sport. Aritzia makes the best faux leather leggings I’ve ever found and some clients swear by their Spanx.

Whichever you choose, pair them with (non-sporty) T’s, tops, or sweaters and comfortable sneakers, flats or booties/boots. Layer with a bomber, blazer, leather jacket or another type of jacket, style as you would any other outfit (push up sleeves, fold, roll, front tuck), and finish with some fabulous accessories.

Sweater: The Pink Door | Lace Bra: Victoria’s Secret | Pants: Aritzia | Shoes: Prada

TIP #2 
When you are wearing your workout wear and still want to look fab, once again, style your outfit as you would any other. Layer if you can, throw on some accessories and make sure your sneakers are clean and cute.

Sweatshirt and Pants: n:philanthropy | Jacket: Aritzia

TIP #3
Just because you’re not dressing up doesn’t mean you forget to dress for your body shape and vertical proportions. Know how to dress for your particular shape and proportions and apply the principles to your casual look.

TIP #4
One way to elevate a casual look is to literally elevate yourself. With some sort of heel. It doesn’t have to be a stiletto. It can simply be a 2” kitten heel or block heel, etc. Try it the next time you’re grabbing your flats and you’ll instantly see the difference.

TIP #5
Finally, it sure is a lot easier to look stylish when you buy stylish pieces. Purchase casual pieces that have interesting cuts, fabrics, colours, patterns or details. That’ll get you halfway there.

Jacket: Gucci | Turtleneck: Saks Fifth Avenue | Pants: Rag & Bone | Boots: Dior