In my line of work, I have a ton of tricks and tools to pull from to make my clients look better, feel better and present themselves in the best possible light. Blah, blah, blah. Truth is, I can make anyone look fab. Anytime, anywhere. Or so I thought…

I was working with a client, doing the usual – new clothes, new hair, new look. Total makeover. Spent the whole day together turning this woman into the superstar she was and at the end of the day, I have to admit – she looked pretty darn Amazing!

There we were, standing in front of the mirror (she beaming at her newfound fabulousness, me the proud mama – thrilled with the perfect after to her before), when she turned to me and asked, “So how do I look good naked?”

Uuurch! Tires screech to a halt. What the what?

Now, I’m pretty good. I can make you look younger, thinner, taller, shorter. I can mask and hide, draw attention and fool the eye. It’s my job. It’s why my clients pay me. But I need my tools – the right cuts, styles, accessories, hair, makeup.

But when you strip it all away, when you take away all the things we girls do to turn ourselves into beauty queens, what then? When you’re left completely exposed, in all your glory, with nothing to hide, how do you look good naked?

So I – the consummate professional – stood there, completely dumbfounded, unprepared and (oh dread) silent.

And then it dawned on me. I turned to my client, looked her straight in the eye and said, “You don’t.” And quickly, before she demanded all her money back, I explained…

When you’re naked, truly naked, with nothing to hide, you are yourself at your truest – all your flaws, all your quirks and all your beauty. When you have nothing to hide behind, you’re genuine – you’re you and that’s all there is.

So you don’t have to look good naked. Because whoever gets to see you in your truest , most honest form will get the real you and will need to love you for who you at your purest.

Unless it’s your gynecologist. And he doesn’t care if your ass is the size of Texas.