Picture this: It’s Sunday morning. You realize that you have nothing for breakfast and are just going to run to the local market to pick something up. You’ll only be a few minutes so you don’t bother getting properly dressed and/or made up. You’re in your sweats, your hair’s a bit messed and you haven’t bothered with any makeup. Because really, who could you possibly bump into this early on a Sunday?

At the market, you’re rushing down the aisle, turn the corner and literally bump into…
a) your ex – who recently left you for someone else.
b) the person who just interviewed you for your dream job.
c) a prospective client that you’ve been wooing for months.
d) your old high school nemesis.

Your heart sinks. Oh the tragedy. Why?
a) Your previously slovenly ex is now looking extremely fit and debonair.
b) Your interviewer (who was considering you for the job) is now looking at you in disbelief and having second thoughts: “Is this who I want representing my company?”
c) The prospective client is wondering how professional you truly are.
d) Your high school nemesis (who recognizes you right away) is dressed to the nines and is the epitome of success.

Think I’m exaggerating? Maybe. Think it won’t happen to you? Possibly, but a similar scenario happened to me just last week. I won’t bore you with the details, but let this be a warning to you – it happens. And when it does, it ain’t pretty.