The Perfect Time is Now!

The other day, one of the beautiful ladies I’m acquainted with on Instagram, Celia M., tagged me on her post. She wrote a lovely recommendation of my book (see below), which she’s using as a resource for assessing her wardrobe needs as she goes through a major transition in her life. 

And what perfect timing. Here in Toronto, it’s Spring – the season of transition and change. If there was ever a time to review your wardrobe, it’s now. (Although as a Stylist, I’d say any day is the perfect day.)

If you too are going through a transition or even if you’re not but would like to finally make a change to your wardrobe, here’s what I suggest:


In my book Style Your Way to Success – 5 Simple Steps to Great Style and the Confidence to Get What You Want, Step One is dedicated to getting to know yourself, your needs, your desires and your personal style. That’s because it’s the first thing you absolutely need to be clear on to have great style

So why not take some time now to reassess your likes, dislikes, needs and wants in both your life and style, and see if they’ve changed.


If you find that your needs and style have changed, go through your existing wardrobe to see if it reflects who you are now or what you currently need. Go through it piece by piece and edit out what no longer suits your life, lifestyle, personal style and body shape. 

Step Two in Style Your Way to Success is all about dressing for your body shape – both vertically and horizontally – and includes tips and tricks for looking balanced and proportionate. We mustn’t forget our physical body – it changes over time as well. Make sure your wardrobe reflects those changes and that you dress for the body you have now – not the one you used to have.

Step Three is all about achieving the perfect closet. Or something close to it. Having a functional, organized closet makes getting dressed and putting outfits together so much easier.


Once you’ve reassessed and edited, it’s time to make a plan. If your existing wardrobe doesn’t suit who and what you are now, jot down what you’re missing, what you need or what you could use. Decide where you’re going to go look for these pieces and how they’ll incorporate into your closet to create the outfits and wardrobe that suit the YOU you are now or are slowly becoming.

Step Four and Five in Style Your Way to Success include tips on how to shop smart and put together the perfect outfit. If you’re going through the effort of transforming your wardrobe, why not do it with intelligence and purpose.

“As the temps become more seasonal I’m looking at updating my wardrobe to better reflect the person I’m becoming and the life I’m living. This easy read book by @barbaraaleks has become my resource for assessing my new wardrobe needs. I highly suggest (not a paid endorsement – just my personal thoughts), picking up this book. As I transition to condo living the closet storage tips have been super helpful; the wardrobe basics lists makes it easy to get started evaluating what you have and need; and the art of shopping – is super helpful for stretching your dollar from what/how to shop to how to maximize your budget – because if you are like me, on a limited budget – every tip for stretching your dollar is most welcomed.” Celia M.

Need a little guidance while you’re going through this transition or change?Click the button below to order your copy of Style Your Way to Success and with 5 Simple Steps, you’ll have the wardrobe and style that are 100% you.