In my last post, I wrote about the ankle boot and how it’s had the biggest impact on almost all my clients. Well, I was quickly reminded that the front tuck has been just as impactful. (Thanks Carolan!)

So whether you’re a fan or on the fence, here are a few tips on how to front tuck and why you should…

How to Front Tuck

1. The front tuck is not meant to be fussy or look perfect. I find that the easiest way to tuck is to grab hold of the bottom of hem and tuck it into the front of my bottoms or off to the side. Whichever makes sense for the outfit.


2. If your bottoms are high waisted or you can’t tuck them properly into the waistband, you can always tuck into a front pocket.


3. If your shirt is on the longer side, sometimes it helps to fold the hem of the shirt a couple of times before tucking it in, so that it sits better.


Why should you front tuck? Well there are plenty of reasons. All of them good. Here are just a few…


The Benefits

• Creates length, making you look longer and leaner.
• Keeps from cutting you horizontally and thus helping with the lengthening.
• Neater (less messy) making you look more polished and put together.
• Makes the midsection look smaller.
• Gives you an effortless look.
• Add style to an outfit.


So what if you can’t front tuck? What if your outfit doesn’t allow for it or it doesn’t look quite right? You could always tie your shirt.

Whether it’s a button down…


or a T-shirt…


there’s always a creative way to tackle the problem.

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