I love a good oversized sweater or sweatshirt (actually any oversized top) and wear them all the time. But I’m often asked how to wear one without looking overwhelmed by it or bigger than you truly are. So here are 3 Must-Know Tips for Wearing an Oversized Sweater (or any oversized top) that’ll help you look as long and lean as possible.


Tip 1: Push Up the Sleeves

Pushing up your sleeves shows some skin and creates space. It also keeps the sleeves from landing around the same place as the bottom of your sweater – which can create a horizontal line and make you look wider than you actually are.


Tip 2: Front Tuck

Front tucking creates shape and length. It’s the trick to looking longer and leaner than if you were to keep your sweater untucked. If you can’t front tuck, make sure the sweater is the kind that sits fitted on your hip, or belt it if you can to create shape.


Tip 3: Wear with Slim or Fitted Bottoms

Pair your sweater with a slimmer silhouette on the bottom, like fitted pants (see below) or skirt (above 2 images). Wearing cropped pants also keeps the voluminous shape of the sweater from overwhelming you, as does elevating your body with heels (even a couple of inches will do).


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