Video Quick Tip: Packing

Packing Tips

I pack for clients all the time, but I’m often asked how I pack for myself when I go away. Click below for a quick video tip on how to pack if you (like me) need to be able to create outfits on the fly when you travel.        

New Year New You – Skype Special


Who doesn’t love the start of a new year? A time of clean slates, fresh starts, possibilities, hopes and dreams. A time that compels us to want more for ourselves. A time that provides us the opportunity to become the person we truly want to be.   So what better time of year to finally become the hottest, sexiest, best dressed version of you? What better time of year to become the woman who knows exactly what looks good on her, what to buy and how to wear it? The woman that makes heads turn everywhere she goes. If it isn’t already, then that woman could be you – the New You. And I can help you get there.   Here’s how it…

3 Things That’ll Make You Love Shopping Again

Shopping Tips

I have this uncanny knack for turning self-proclaimed shopping haters into shopping fanatics. Typically in under 4 hours. How? Brainwashing. OK, well, no. Not really. Simply by taking away their frustration, uncertainty and confusion. You see, most of the women that hate shopping and come to me for help, typically do so because they have no clue what they’re doing. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. They literally say to me, “I have no clue what I’m doing.” They don’t know what to buy, what looks good on them, what suits their shape, or how to put things together. So they end up walking into stores and either buy the same old things, or get so overwhelmed…

How to Navigate Venus Retrograde and Your Style


I’m no astrologer, but I follow it regularly. While I may not completely understand everything that goes on astrologically, I get the gist of things and plan accordingly. Apparently Venus went retrograde on March 4th and there’s a whole slew of do’s and don’ts that accompanies it. What they are depends on who you listen to or what you read (and I listen to way too many). As a Stylist though, the two don’ts that really stand out are…   Don’t buy any luxury items – you might regret the purchase. (Sorry Chanel. You’ll have to wait.)   Don’t try any new styles – they won’t be lasting. (Maybe someone should’ve warned Katy?)   The no-luxury item thing I can…