Style Tip Sunday: Trench Coats

It’s Style Tip Sunday! Today’s tip from my App and Book Style 365, is all about…


TRENCH COATS: Trench coats come in a variety of colours, styles and price points and are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Not only are they practical and functional, they can add flair, style or complete any outfit.


If you’re planning on investing in a good quality trench to last you through the years, purchase one in neutral tones and a classic style.


Don’t want to splurge but want to add a little spice to your wardrobe? Try finding one in trendier cuts, bright colours or interesting patterns.


The key to a great looking trench is (as always), fit. Make sure that it fits well at the shoulders, across the chest and around the mid section – nothing too loose or saggy and nothing too tight. Also make sure that the length suits your clothing needs and your body type.


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