Apparently, Crazy Ain’t Hot

Ever get into one of those arguments that goes horribly wrong? The kind that starts off innocently enough but ends badly? Maybe it started as a discussion or friendly debate and then slowly things got out of control and you saw red, your face contorted and you ended up crossing the crazy line? Well apparently that kinda crazy ain’t hot.

I met a fella the other day. His name is Steve. Steve and I were discussing what he considers hot in a woman and according to him, passion is hot. And not just in the bedroom. A woman who is passionate about life, other people or anything that interests her, is sexy. Yet once that woman’s passion crosses the line to fanaticism, obsession or a little cray-cray, she loses her appeal. And apparently that line is extremely fine.

I asked Steve to provide me with a few examples of what he meant and here is what he shared:

When a woman throws clothes around the room during an intimate moment, that’s passion. When she throws those clothes out the window, well, that’s a little bizarre.

When a woman ties her consenting beau to her bedposts to spice things up in the bedroom, that’s exciting. Leaving him there when she takes off for work, a little disturbing.

When a woman follows behind said beau’s car in her own car because his brake lights are out, that shows concern. Following him every single place he goes, a tad obsessive.

Wearing a little extra sexy makeup – hot. Painting your face like the Joker – not.

Really Steve? Who have you been dating?

Now I’ve been known to lose my cool before and usually when it happens, looking hot or being sexy is the last thing on my mind. And evidently, the actions of some women or the efforts they make to express themselves and their emotions is not always fully appreciated. But I have to wonder if there are some people out there who find Steve’s version of line-crossing behavior hot.

They say that there’s someone for everyone, so it would stand to reason that there must be some people that are attracted to outlandish, peculiar and over-the-top behavior. Because I’m always on the lookout for what people consider to be hot, I wonder if the majority of people share Steve’s views or if he and the people with similar beliefs are the minority.

So what do you say? Majority or minority? Anyone out there Team Steve or can crazy really be hot?

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