Rent needs to be paid, car needs new tires, kids needs braces. House needs cleaning, dog needs walking, groceries need to be bought. Sound familiar?

With so many things taking our time and money, it’s hard to contemplate investing our resources into just one more thing. Yet when it comes to looking and feeling good, the single most important investment you need to make is in yourself.

Some people have no problem investing in themselves – taking much needed time to recharge, spending a little extra on the things they love. Others find it extremely difficult, making everything else a priority and finding out that at the end, there’s nothing left. Take it from someone who, for years, didn’t even make it onto her own priority list – it ain’t easy.

Here’s the thing about not making yourself a priority or investing in yourself – you can end up burning out, becoming resentful and not living up to your truest potential. And you can end up looking like, well, bad stinky stuff. That’s no way to go about life, is it?

If you want to look and ultimately feel good, you need to spend some resources (whether it be time, money or both) on yourself. It doesn’t need to be a lot. Sometimes tiny changes or a little bit of effort can equal drastic results.

The key to success here is wanting it – wanting to look great and feel amazing – or finding the right motivation. (Sticking it to your ex?) Ever notice how much people can accomplish when they really, really want something or are highly motivated? They can move mountains!

So let’s say you haven’t been investing in yourself and are ready to make the change, how do you do it?

Step 1: Want It

Step 2: Find Something to Motivate You

Step 3: Start

Delegate, decline, postpone and cut corners (whenever possible). Take the word “perfect” out of your vocabulary and stop trying to be everything to everyone. Take a tiny bit out of the cookie jar each week and put it towards something that makes you look and feel divine. Who needs those damn cookies anyways?

Take charge, take control and own the fact that you are a beautiful, worthy woman who deserves the same respect and attention that everyone and everything else receives.

Take a hint from Nike and Just Do It. If anyone objects, tell them to either suck it up or stick it – whichever’s most appropriate.