When it comes to looking great and having killer style, most women don’t know where to begin. If you struggle with knowing what to wear, what to buy and how to pull it all together, the very first thing you need to do, before you do anything else, is figure out what you like. What’s your style?

Before you buy another piece, you need to know whether or not it’s you. You might like the look and idea of something and buy it, but if it doesn’t gel with who you are, it’s going to sit in the closet, unworn, collecting dust. Trust me – been there, done that and have a ton of clients who’ve been and done too.

If you’ve already figured it out, good for you! You’re well ahead of the game. If you haven’t, don’t panic – I’ve got a super easy way to help you get there.

Here’s what I suggest. Start by taking a look at your favourite outfits (and only your faves – the ones you absolutely love). What do you notice? What are the similarities? Are they similar colours, patterns or cuts? Or are they all different but have a certain look or feel to them?

Next, start flipping through some magazines or go online and browse the fashion sites to see what appeals to you. Start a file – tear out your favourites from the magazines or bookmark the pages or websites that grab you.

Keep going until you see a pattern emerging and once again, note the similarities – look, feel, colour, pattern, cut or style. What are you drawn to, but most importantly, what could you see yourself wearing often and wearing well? What feels like you? This is key.

That look and feel that’s coming through? That’s your style. If you feel like you need to name it, ask yourself this: Are you more conservative or edgy? Are you bohemian or sporty? Classic, exotic, artsy or glam? (Any word that resonates will do.) Or are you a mix or blend of various styles?

Armed with this piece of information, you’ll be able to head to stores knowing which items are meant for you and which you should avoid. You’ll also have the very first piece of the puzzle to looking great and you’re very best, every single time you get dressed.

The second piece? For that you’ll have to wait…