I have a confession to make. I have not seen even one episode of ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’. But I’ve heard she recommends only keeping items that spark joy. When I recently posted a photo of myself on Instagram wearing an older pair of J Brand Houlihan cargo jeans, one of my followers commented that she was glad she kept hers. Which got me thinking. Joy aside, how do you choose which clothing items to keep and which ones to toss?

As a Stylist, here are 5 questions I recommend asking yourself before you decide:

1. Is it in good shape?

First and foremost, an item needs to be in good shape – free of any stains, tears or holes. If it’s not, can it be repaired, modified or repurposed? If it can, consider it further. If not, let it go.

2. Does it look good on you?

Is it flattering? Is it the right cut, style or colour for you? Does it fit? Did you lose or gain weight and hope that one day you’ll fit into it again? If it’s not working in your favour, Sayonara Sammy.

3. Was it a trend or is it a classic?

Trends come and go but classics can be successfully worn for years. Is the piece you’re considering from a bygone era? Are you hoping it’ll eventually come back in style? Here’s the thing – trends never come back exactly the same. The concept might return, but the styling will be slightly different. If it was a trend, kiss it goodbye.

4. Have you worn it in the last two years?

If you haven’t worn something in the last two years, there’s a very good chance you won’t wear it again. Unless it’s case specific. If you have pieces that you only wear to certain occasions (i.e. galas, weddings, funerals), and you haven’t been to one in the last two years, don’t discount it completely. If there’s a chance you might attend one of these events again soon(ish), consider hanging onto it a little while longer.

5. Do you love it?

I guess you could say Marie Kondo and I agree on this one topic – you gotta love your things. If the clothing in question passes the first four questions, but when you look it, all you feel is ‘Meh’, pass it on to someone else. Let them find the joy in it for you.

Happy sorting!