All you have to do is glance at my Instagram feed and you’ll quickly pick up on my obsession with bracelets. They’re my absolute fave accessory. And they’re also the topic of our third challenge this week.

Many women tell me that they don’t know how to accessorize, but I think we’re often so concerned about doing something right or wrong that we don’t even try. Sometimes a little trial and error is all it takes.

So if you, like one of my Instagram friends, love to wear bracelets but aren’t sure how, here are a few tips on how to master them…


Challenge 3: Mastering Bracelets


Before we start on the tips, there’s something to consider – how you’re going to choose your bracelet(s) (or any other accessories for that matter):

Option 1: Choose accessories that go with the outfit (styles, metals or colours that complement what you’re wearing)

Option 2: Choose accessories as an expression of personal taste (pieces that reflect you or your personal style)

Option 3: A combination of both (my personal fave)

Sometimes Option 1 makes the most sense. Sometimes Option 2 is a better choice. And sometimes Option 3 works out perfectly. You’ll have to decide on a case by case basis.


Tip #1: One vs Multiple

When choosing your bracelet(s), you can opt to wear one piece or stack multiple together.

If you’re choosing to wear one piece, a smaller or narrower bracelet will be subtle. To make more of a statement, choose a wider piece like a cuff.

If you don’t have a bold statement piece and need something in a pinch, layer smaller or subtler bracelets together.

If you’re unsure of what to group together, find a common element in all pieces (metal, colour(s) or style) or make sure they all relate in some way to your whole look.

Not sure how many pieces to layer? It depends on the size of each piece and how elaborate they are, but 3 pieces is a good place to start and you can go from there.

Tip #2: One Hand or Two

Some people choose to wear their bracelet(s) on one hand. Some wear them on both. The choice is yours.

If you’re wearing bracelet(s) on both hands, consider what it does to your overall look and how it impacts your outfit.

Tip #3: Classics

If you’re unsure of which bracelets to choose, bangles, tennis or charm bracelets are classic pieces that never go out of style. They can even add a bit of elegance to your outfit.

For example, add them to jeans and a white t-shirt to dress up your look and make it sparkle.

Tip #4: Mixing Metals

It’s OK to mix silver and gold bracelets as long as you do it with purpose. In other words, don’t let it look like you couldn’t decide.

You could have one anchor piece that combines both materials and build from there or you could stack bracelets of different materials.

Remember to find one common element that runs through all pieces so that when you wear them it feels cohesive or complementary.

There really are no hard and fast rules, so play around with it and wear what makes you feel good.

Tip #5: Plastics

While you don’t need to spend a fortune on accessories, wearing multiple plastic pieces can cheapen your look.

If you’re stacking bracelets and some of your pieces contain plastic baubles or detailing, limit the amount you wear and mix in some pieces with other materials or metals.

This is even true for costume jewelry that you spent a great deal of money on. The amount you spend has no bearing on the effect that multiple plastic pieces has.

Regardless of which options or bracelets you choose, remember to have fun with the process. Accessories are the icing on the cake, so the fact that you chose any it all means you’ll be perfectly dressed to completion.