Weekly Outfit Review 30

Social media’s a trip. Sometimes it’s a good one and sometimes not so much. But for my business it’s a bit of a must, so I endure.

And then there are the comments. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative, and sometimes someone just doesn’t like the look of my wrists. (Like what the actual…??)

Last week I kind of predicted what I’d get. And as always, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube did not disappoint. I was told I look like a clown, a mechanic and that I wear too much black for Spring (apparently they haven’t been on my feed lately). I’ll just leave my outfits right here and let you guess which one was for which….



On that note, here is my Weekly Outfit Review. We’re up to 30 now. And since some people still enjoy them and find them helpful, I’ll keep going.

As always, in the review, I explained the process of why I chose the pieces, reviewed some of the new pieces I wore, mentioned other ways to wear them and included some styling tips.

If you’re looking for a place to view my outfits with the list of items and/or their brands, Instagram is the best place for that. You can also view the outfit videos on TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube as well. (Click on any of those to follow me there.)

Click the video below to watch now…