Weekly Outfit Review 15

Those who’ve been following me on Instagram will be familiar with my Weekly Outfit Reviews. Where I go through each of the outfit videos I posted that week and explain the process of why I chose the pieces, review some of the new pieces I’m wearing and mention other ways to wear them.

For the last couple of weeks, for whatever reason, I’ve received an error when trying to post to Instagram. Frustrated, I decided to post the latest review onto YouTube. Soooo, since I’m posting to there, I figured I might as well start posting to my Blog as well. (Then I thought to myself… why didn’t I do this sooner??? 🤦🏻‍♀️)

Well, it is what it is, and the Weekly Reviews will now be posted here as well. My outfit videos will continue to be posted on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and now YouTube as well. So there’s plenty of places to catch them. (Click on any of those to follow me there.)