2 VIDEOS! All About Belts and White Jeans


Did you miss these last 2 videos on Instagram?!? If so, no worries, all you have to do is click on the videos below to watch them now. BELTS: The first video has some great tips on choosing, buying and wearing belts. (Keep in mind that placement – where you wear your belt – will depend on your specific body shape and what you’re actually wearing.     WHITE JEANS: The second video is about white jeans (or jean shorts), and what to wear with them and what to consider when buying. Def don’t miss it, because I also share the one thing that I don’t recommend you wear with them!

Your Style Challenges Tackled! Day 7: White Pants in the Fall and Winter

Style Tips

As I mentioned yesterday, the final style challenge to tackle is one I’m asked about on a regular basis. And it’s this – can you wear white pants in the Fall and Winter? The answer is Yes! But it’s how you go about doing it that’s key.   Challenge 7: White Pants in the Fall and Winter   Here are my 3 tips for looking fabulous in white long after Labour Day has passed… Tip #1: Choose the Right Fabric Not all white pants are created equal. Some are made of thinner fabrics (like light cottons) that are more conducive to summer heat, while others (like white jeans) are thicker and suit cooler temperatures. In the Fall and Winter, opt for thicker, heavier fabrics and weaves. Not only will they…